Most Effective Advice on How to Date a Chinese Girl in the USA

dating a chinese girl

What Makes Dating A Chinese Girl Different

If you’re from America, chances are you’ve dated primarily American women. There are some similarities between dating an American girl & dating a Chinese girl, but there are a lot of differences too. The key to a long-lasting & happy relationship is starting on the right foot, so here are some important things to know before pursuing a girlfriend.

Chinese women (like American girls) are big on appearances. In China, a females’ looks directly affect how their life turns out, so they take their very image seriously. The perfect look in Chinese culture is light eyes, light skin, long legs, & pretty hair. While most women will attempt to take these goals to the extreme, some will not. It depends on their background & where they were raised.

Unlike many American women, Chinese women place great importance on loyalty. In China, reputation is everything, so they won’t risk face to sleep around. This is a positive outcome of their society that’ll come in handy for your future relationship!

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Another outcome of Chinese society is honesty. It may be good or bad, depending on your ability to accept criticism. Women won’t hold back if they disapprove – they will let you know. While this may seem rude, but they do it out of love. Your girlfriend doesn’t think you are a failure. She just thinks you can do better!

Dating Chinese Woman & Cultural Expectations

An essential aspect of life in Asian society is family. When you get with a Chinese girl, keep this in mind. If things get serious & you decide to get married, you will be marrying her family as much as her. It may potentially become a sticky situation later on, so you must make a great impression on her family when you meet them for the first time.

If things are going well then, it’s a great time to meet her other family members. By taking care of this early, you show her you can genuinely see a future together & are eager to invest in it. It shows the family you share their values & respect their traditions.

It happens occasionally in America, but it is important to ask the parents’ permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage in Chinese culture. This may seem odd for you, but if you’re serious about staying with this girl, then it’s worth it for her (& her parents’) happiness & trust.

Another major cultural factor in China is reputation. While being a white foreigner by itself is a recipe for success in some Chinese regions (and with some Chinese immigrant families), that doesn’t mean you are immune to your own mistakes. Don’t sleep around behind her back. This ruins your reputation (& hers), so you can kiss that relationship goodbye.

dating chinese womenWhat You Need To Know

There are many nuances to dating with Chinese ladies. Your time together won’t be complicated if you keep these things in mind.

  1. Be A Man. Gender role are a significant part of Asian culture, so your Chinese girlfriend will have expectations. Hold the door for her & offer her your jacket when it’s cold out. Don’t expect her to be self-sufficient like an American girl. Treat her like a lady, & she will reward you with loyalty, great cooking, & a family to call your own.
  2. Planning Is Key. In Oriental cultures, man is expected to plan everything up front; she simply follows along. This is a great way to let her know you care. The more thought & effort you put into your outings, the easier it will be to impress her. Planning is vital if you intend to build a future (& a family) together.
  3. Don’t Hit It & Quit It. Promiscuity may be common in American culture, but it’s not tolerated in Chinese families. Besides being a mean thing to do, cheating on your Chinese girlfriend puts her reputation on the line. Plus, her family & friends will hate you. Not good.

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