How Chinese Women Have Sex With Their Boyfriends – Top Tips For A Bedroom

How To Enjoy Having Sex At Home Again

Think about the beginning of your relationship. Chances are, you had sex wherever you could – in the car, in the woods, or even at your parents’ house! Now your relationship has matured a bit, you probably only have sex at home with your partner. Sometimes this works, but long-term couples tend to fall into a sexual slump.

When sex becomes less fun, & more of a chore, it’s time for a change. Sex is a great time to bond with your partner, & if neither of you is into it then the chances of a fun sexual encounter are slim to none. Fortunately, there are options you can try to spice up your sex life.

Routine is the adversary of great sex life. If you keep doing the same things, your sexual encounters become bland & boring. The key to better sex at home is… change!

watching porn togetherIt doesn’t mean you have to change your entire course of action in the bedroom. Instead, look for things to add to your routine. This is where communication comes into play. Ask your partner what their kinks are. You may already know them, but you may be surprised! Don’t be afraid to share yours as well.

Another great conversation to have is sexual fantasies. Everyone has them, & sharing these scenes with your partner could lead to a great sexual experience for both of you. You may feel vulnerable, but communication is key to great sex life, so don’t be afraid to be upfront about what drives you crazy.

Be open to your partner’s ideas about intercourse. They are equally uncomfortable in sharing their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, & also afraid of rejection. By sharing ideas, you are opening up a world of opportunities to explore from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Sometimes couples won’t see eye to eye. That’s fine too! Some things you like your partner may not be willing to do, & vice versa. By having these conversations, you can find a happy medium that you both enjoy.

Things Men & Women Having Sex Need To Try

You might find it hard to find something inspirational for your sex life. Sex is an activity between couples, but so is sexual exploration. Have you considered watching porn together?

Pornography can be a great way to show your partner something you like without trying to explain it. As a bonus, watching porn is an easy way to set the mood. Some couples watch porn together before having sex. Consider this a potential starting point (& and an opportunity to bring up your sexual fetishes).

When watching porn together, here are some things you’ll want to do.

women having sexDO:

  • Pick wisely. You are trying to explain what you like clearly, so opt for a single-activity video rather than a complicated scene.
  • Explain what you like about the video. Without any context, your partner is going to be guessing what turns you on.
  • Pick something you think they may get into. While many videos feature the same actions, some videos may be more enjoyable for your partner to watch than others.


  • Start with hardcore porn. Unless you already know your partner is into it, you should ease into it rather than showing them the raunchiest video you can find first.
  • Show them something you know they won’t like. This time is supposed to be inspirational for you two. Starting an argument is counterproductive.
  • Push them into it. If your partner isn’t interested in watching videos with you, consider reading erotica together instead!

While knowing what you want is one thing, actually being able to do it is another. It’s important to keep your body in tip-top shape to give your partner the best sexual experience. This doesn’t mean dedicating your life to fitness – instead, try these few tips to improve your physical performance easily.

  1. Exercise. Your body performs better with daily extended physical performance, so consider adding cardio to your daily routine.
  2. Cut back on the drinks & smokes. Drinking makes it harder to maintain an erection, & smoking restricts your body’s ability to provide blood flow to the penis, clitoris, & tissues in the vagina.
  3. Eat smarter. If you’re eating fast food all day, you are putting on pounds that could be holding you back in the bedroom.

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