Best Places For A Date With Chinese Girlfriend

best places for a date

Choosing The Best Places For A Date

Date night can definitely be a great time. You go out, do something you enjoy, flirt, & generally have a fun experience. We’ve put together this short list of romantic ideas and activities for inspiration.

Keep these things in mind when planning a date.

  • Choose something you’re confident you both enjoy. Just because you’re having fun doesn’t always mean she is.
  • Consider the time of the year. If it’s the middle of winter, you definitely shouldn’t go to the beach.
  • What kind of food does she like? Many restaurants serve various different types of food, so there’s no excuse for choosing the wrong one! Not sure? Just ask!
  • How fit are you? It may seem like the perfect idea, but actually, if one (or neither) of you isn’t in great shape, dating ideas like hiking or going on extremely long bike rides may be best avoided.
  • Where do you usually go? There are definitely a lot of places you can check out, so avoid limiting yourself to the same sites. The perfect date is something that can’t be replicated, so by constantly going to new places, you will always have a great time!

fun first date ideasWhen planning your date, remember this is a perfect time to show off your strengths! For example, if you’re great at singing, you can easily bring this up without forcing it by going to karaoke night. It’s an easy way to break the ice while keeping things light & comfortable. Always consider your time frame! If you have all night, extended dates are great, but if you’re low on time, you definitely want to do something with a set time frame, like a movie.

Fun first date ideas

  1. Go out for dinner! This tried-and-true date idea is an easy way to bond over a well-cooked meal. Plus, it’s also a great way to get some of the best food ideas for home.
  2. See a movie. You may prefer some films over others, but the best part about the cinema is definitely cuddling together with a bucket of popcorn!
  3. Go shopping. The mall isn’t for everyone, but you’re sure to find something you’ll both enjoy. Plus, if you get hungry, you can always easily grab food at the food court. Perfect!
  4. Go to the beach. Most people enjoy the beach: swimming & walking around collecting various neat shells. If you don’t like crowds, you should try going at night to avoid running into many people. And it’s way more romantic!
  5. Watch the sunset. You can do this on a beach, a hilltop, a high rise, or really anywhere with a great view of the sky. It’s easily a great way to set a mellow (& romantic) mood for the night.
  6. dating ideasGo hiking. Exploring the great outdoors can actually be a great bonding experience. There’s an unlimited number of places to explore, so simply pick one out & go! Remember to always stay on marked trails to avoid your perfect date turning into a dreadful disaster.
  7. Have a picnic. You’re already outdoors – why not bring food along? This is definitely a cutesy idea, but chances are your girlfriend will love you taking her out for a hike on a mountain with a gorgeous view & providing her with various snacks!
  8. Go to a concert. Music always brings people together, so any live music event is a great opportunity for a date night. Enjoy music & dance the night away!
  9. Check out a theme park. You may actually have to travel a bit for this one, but your date will definitely have a fantastic time at somewhere with various types of rides for you two to check out. Add some excitement on a rollercoaster, or relax & enjoy the view on a Ferris wheel – your call!
  10. Try out a class together. Whether it’s cooking, fitness, or something else, you can always find something fun that you’ll both like. This is an easy, low-pressure way to get to know someone while working together towards a mutual goal.

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