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5 Best Chinese Websites to Find a Partner on

Online dating was put under a stigma for the longest time. When it was first pushed to the forefront, people viewed it as unnatural and an option for the desperate. Still, as social media became widespread, it was getting difficult to defend this stance.

The most significant difference between using social media for dating and an actual dating website is that people frequenting these websites 100% want to find somebody.

Still, specialized dating websites exist, and they offer far more options when it comes to picking a potential dating partner than classic social media can.

When it comes to China, the breakout into online dating has been a slow process, but there are now more than 100 free Chinese dating sites out there.

When I started frequenting these websites, I realized there is quite a bit of difference in their approaches and the quality of their service. I lost quite a bit of time (and some of my money) attempting to find out which are the best Chinese dating sites.


Best Chinese Dating Sites:

1. Review

That’s what I was asking myself a long time ago. It took me years to try out one, so I’ve decided to help inexperienced people with some honest reviews of these sites. Today I’m going to tell you more about and what you can expect on this site.

2. Review

OneNightFriend is a decent dating site where you can meet Chinese singles for casual encounters. Check out this review to learn more about it.

3. Review

In this review, I will talk about I will try and give you an objective overview of all the essential aspects of this dating site. Hopefully, all this information can help you find your match and date successfully online.

4. Review

In this review, I will talk about This dating site is primarily designed for Chinese people, and all of those looking for a Chinese partner. Read full review to find more information.

5. Review

In this review, I will talk about Asian dating is a prominent part of the online dating scene. Find out everything about DateinAsia in this comprehensive, personal review.

**Finding a feature-rich Chinese dating site will be easy after you go through this list:**

  1. QuickFlirt
  2. OneNightFriend
  3. AsianDating
  4. ChinaLoveCupid
  5. DateInAsia

I made sure to include only the best and most trustworthy Chinese dating websites for men and women, which I personally tried. This list should be useful for Chinese people looking for a date in their own country and for men and women interested in dating people from China.

So, let’s begin!

— QuickFlirt —

QuickFlirt is a premium website that is great for finding Chinese singles and dates in Asia. As the name suggests, the idea is to start with flirting and see where it goes.

This website is an excellent place to find a partner, but it is also a great website to find casual hookups.

They have an international crowd of users worldwide, but most of them are located in Asia. They offer channels for people interested in dating in a particular country.

We’re interested in Chinese dating, but there are also Thai dating opportunities, Japanese dating opportunities, Korean, and so on. They are separated into neat categories, so if you have a particular interest, you can easily filter only the users that interest you.

Another significant upside to QuickFlirt is that you can easily filter users according to sexual orientation, which is very important if you don’t fall into the heterosexual category.

With over 1,000,000 users and a three-day trial period, I can easily recommend this website to a wide array of singles looking for a Chinese date. You can always drop it after the trial period ends, and you get the chance to see if the platform suits you.

— OneNightFriend —

Don’t be misled by the name – even though it mentions that the website is only hookup-oriented, you can find single Chinese women here that are interested in having a long term relationship.

The website lets you browse through women’s profiles and modify your search to get what you are looking for. You can filter profiles by age, location, sexual orientation, and more. There is also the option to list only the profiles that have photos uploaded, which helps out a lot.

Sorting is another handy feature of OneNightFriend, and the most popular sorting option is according to photo quality, which allows you to browse users with good photos first.

Furthermore, you can list profiles that are online at the moment or list profiles of new members. The online users’ option allows you to respond immediately (or not get a response). The new members listing offers you an opportunity to contact new users who are far less likely to engage in conversation with somebody.

Keep in mind that this is a premium website and is not free to use. Still, they offer a trial period, and you can see if the site works for you.

– AsianDating –

This is a premium website that allows you to test it for free. It’s mostly focused on East and South-East Asia, but many women from China populate the site.

The ideas of trying before buying appealed to me as premium sites have the advantage of usually being less hindered by fake profiles made by scammers attempting to take advantage of people. AsianDating is based on a credit payment philosophy and is quite a good option with features like video calls, a translator, and a fantastic design.

– ChinaLoveCupid –

Another premium website optimized for English speakers looking for Chinese lovers. The company behind it runs a couple of more sites focused on finding partners from particular areas of the world – this means that they have experience with this.

The number of members on ChinaLoveCupid isn’t larger than 40k, but the fact that it has some of the strongest anti-spam software out there makes it worthwhile.

This website isn’t only focused on guys finding Chinese women to date but also helps the ladies who are interested in finding Chinese men. Of course, they match people based on interests, but what makes it stand out are the rich profiles that provide a lot of details about the person you are considering meeting, which is very important if you are looking for more than just a casual fling.

– DateInAsia –

This is also one of the free options when searching for a Chinese date. DateInAsia doesn’t ask for your money at any point during registration or messaging. Still, keep in mind that this is an Asia dating website open to an international crowd. And, it’s free, which comes with a few drawbacks.

During testing, I ran into mostly legitimate profiles and real people, but since it is a free website, expect spammers and scammers. This is true for most free dating websites – unfortunately.

They offer everything you might need to find a Chinese date, including profile building, browsing, and messaging. Now, a lot of websites provide more robust options when it comes to user interaction, but not everyone likes that. Sometimes, the simplicity of the platform is a plus for the users.

DateInAsia is free, easy to use, and requires no commitment on the side of the user to start using it. However, it does need you to be careful as it is open to everyone, which means that scammers are out there. If you run into one, make sure to report them – if everyone does this, most of them will be rooted out after a while.

I started ChineSedatingSites to help people find partners without having to run around too much. If you run into a few bad apples when it comes to Chinese dating sites, you might be under the impression that they are bad, which I assure you isn’t true.

Every one of these websites is a legitimate business with its upsides compared to the competition. Some are premium, some are not, and you should read up in more detail about the ones you like the most.